Titleist launches most forgiving 714 Series AP1 and AP2 irons

The new Titleist AP1 and AP2 (714 Series) irons are available in golf shops. Both of them are most forgiving golf clubs. They feature higher launching long irons and lower launching short irons for longer carry distance with outstanding forgiveness.

The innovative tungsten weighting and manufacturing technologies to make AP1 and AP2 the most forgiving irons in the game at the head sizes and blade lengths preferred by serious golfers. Performance-engineered profiles with precisely placed high density tungsten weighting in the long and mid irons help produce higher MOI, increasing the speed on miss-hits to provide consistent distance without sacrificing workability or shot control.


The new titleist ap1 714 irons are the longest, most forgiving iron Titleist has ever made, with a multi-material, dual cavity design for players that want maximum distance, forgiveness and solid feel in a great looking progressive game improvement chassis.

The new AP2 models are multi-material, forged irons that offer distance with trajectory control and forgiveness with workability in a solid feeling, great looking tour proven chassis. Both AP1 and AP2 feature a satin polish playing position with bright polish cavity highlights for superior appearance at address.

The Titleist AP1 and titleist ap2 714 irons provide the most forgiveness in the game at their tour-proven blade sizes. High density tungsten is precisely placed low in the toe of the long and mid irons to create high MOI that drives higher ball speeds across the face for more consistent distance on off-centre hits. Since long irons require more speed and are more difficult to hit for most players, we try to maximise the forgiveness.

You can design more forgiveness into an iron by simply make the head bigger, but in doing so, we would give up control. And Titleist wants to use a profile and shape that players prefer. So we push the envelope with high density tungsten in order to maximize forgiveness while retaining the look that serious golfers want to play.”

Mizuno JPX 825 Driver, JPX 825 irons and JPX Pro 825 Irons

The Mizuno JPX 825 family include driver, irons and Pro irons. And it also includes woods and hybrids. The JPX-825 driver, fairway woods and hybrids are all about distance and forgiveness, the company says.

The headliner is always the driver, and the Mizuno JPX 825 driver is aimed at mid- and higher-handicap golfers. The clubhead is 5-piece forged titanium with an ultra-thin, light crown. Inside the head are two weights, low and deep. The weighting profile is one focused on a low, deep center of gravity, boosting launch angle; and MOI, increasing forgiveness, particularly on off-center strikes.

The driver comes in right-handed only with a Fujikura Orochi Blue Eye 55 shaft stock. Lofts are 9.5 or 10.5 degrees. Through the use of a chemical etching process, the crown of the JPX-825 is made ultra-thin which significantly lowers the Center of Gravity to achieve an ideal launch and spin combination.

The Mizuno JPX 825 Irons is the longest and most forgiving iron. This game-changing distance is combined with the largest sweet area ever in a Mizuno iron, to deliver the “Balanced Performance” that others simply can’t. Explosive distance with maximum forgiveness is what every golfer has been searching for, and the JPX-825 delivers.

The grain flow forged Mizuno JPX 825 Pro Irons pushe the design limits to achieve greater forgiveness and feel in this “player’s” game improvement iron. The 4-7 irons offer a deep CNC milled pocket cavity that provides 17 grams of discretionary weight that is used for extreme toe-heel weighting providing plenty of forgiveness where you need it. A tour confirmed triple cut sole design provides the appropriate relief on the leading and trailing edges for ideal turf interaction and solid ball striking from anywhere on the course.

Overall, the JPX 825 is the ultimate combination of amazing distance, extreme forgiveness, and great feel that will help you play better, more consistent golf today.

Shorter Grip Can Help Improve Sand Swing

Golf swing is the first but more difficult skill every golfer should learn and master. A common swing is so difficult, there is no need to say a sand swing. Hitting a ball out of the sand might be the most challenging shot for most golf players, especially for those who have medium or high handicaper. However, no matter difficult or easy, you must overcome it if you want to play a complete game.

With a good lie, the ball should be placed left center in the stance. The stance itself should be very open, with you half facing the target. This allows you to open the face of the wedge and use the “bounce” or the flange of the ping g30 driver. Now aim at the area behind the ball and swing through, taking a divot of sand. The ball will be in the middle of the divot and come out softly. The distance the ball will travel depends on the texture of the sand and how hard you swing.

With a buried lie, the ball should be addressed off the right foot, and should assume a square stance. The blade of the wedge will be hooded. You simply swing the taylormade r1 driver for sale up abruptly and drive the leading edge of the wedge into the sand about 1″ behind the ball. This chopping action will force the ball up and out of the trap. This shot is very unpredictable as to the amount of roll. Your expectations should be realistic.

In addition, you should keep in mind that fairway bunkers are as often placed for protection as they are for penalty. Often a shot that is hit astray will be saved from going into the woods or a hazard by a fairway bunker. During this step, you will find it is really a challenge no matter what wholesale golf clubs you use.

Finall and most important is that you should know the cub selection is the key. You’d better choose a club with enough loft to easily clear the lip of the bunker. For good execution, the ball must be struck cleanly. There are three easy tips can help you achieve good contact. Take one extra Callaway X2 Hot Driver and shorten 1″ on the grip. Play the ball right center in the stance. Try to strike the middle of the ball.


Ping G30 Adjustable Driver and Other G30 Clubs Reviews

The new family of golf clubs from Ping Golf is the G30, and it includes drivers, fairway woods, irons and hybrids. The Ping G30 best price golf clubs are designed to fly higher and longer, without sacrificing forgiveness. Here is a brief look at each club in the Ping G30 lineup.

Ping G30 Driver

The driver in the Ping G30 lineup is the G30 Adjustable driver, with its “turbulators” on the crown that, in addition to boosting ball speed, can also assist with alignment. An option some golfers will select is the SF Tec clubhead, “SF Tec” standing for “Straight Flight Technology.” This head has a lighter swingweight and more weight toward the heel compared the standard G30 driver head, which can help golfers who lose shots to the right improve their accuracy.

Ping G30 Fairway Wood

As with the driver, the G30 fairways are adjustable for loft, up to 1-degree up or down, and that, in turn, affects launch angle and spin rates. The aerodynamic and ball-framing “turbulators” also appear on the fairway crowns. The stock shaft is the Ping TFC 419F graphite. The G30 fairways come in 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood, with adjustable lofts of, respectively, 14.5 degrees, 18 degrees and 21 degrees.

Ping G30 Irons

The Ping G30 irons come in 4-iron through 9-iron, pitching wedge, U-wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. The progressive offset through the set is designed to increase trajectory in the long irons but provide more control and a more penetrating ball flight in the short irons. The 4- through 7-irons also have slightly longer blade lengths, something that helps make those clubs more forgiving.

Ping G30 Hybrid

The G30 hybrids utilize stainless steel clubfaces that are thin and put through a heat-treatment process that Ping says results in greater trampoline effect for high ball speeds. The trajectory is higher and the angle of descent sharper. The stock shaft is the Ping TFC 419H, and lofts are 17, 19, 22, 26 and 30 degrees.

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Factors you consider Before You Buy Your First Set of Golf Clubs

I can sum up my advice to first-time golf club buyers this way: When shopping for your first set of golf clubs for sale, it is generally better to underspend than to overspend. What factors should you consider before buying your first set of golf clubs? Here are some things to keep in mind when you start shopping for your very first golf set.

Identify Your Golf Goals

Decide on your goals before you go shopping, because identifying realistic goals will make shopping much easier. For example, if you are taking up the game just so you can play twice a year with your brother-in-law, there’s no need to spend much time, effort or money on picking out Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver for sale. If you are wildly enthusiastic about golf and plan on playing every chance you get, your sights might be set higher.

New vs. Used

If you’re unsure of your dedication to golf, or if you have a history of taking up a hobby only to drop it later, used clubs might be a good choice. They’ll be much cheaper, of course, than new. And because they’ll be so much cheaper, they can be easily replaced later.

Set Your Budget

Golf clubs can be very expensive. How much you are willing to spend might be tied to how dedicated to the game you think you’ll be. On the other hand, if you have plenty of money to spend and want top-of-the-line equipment, go for it. A good option for many beginners, however, is looking for an inexpensive first set. That way, if you don’t follow through with the game, you haven’t wasted much money. You can select titleist ap1 714 irons.

Understanding Shaft Options

Two basics of golf shafts that beginners should most pay attention to are shaft composition (steel or graphite) and shaft flex (how much the shaft bends during the swing). Graphite is lighter and can help generate swing speed; steel is more durable and cheaper. Women and seniors will most likely benefit from graphite shafts with a softer flex. Younger, stronger men might go with regular or stiff shafts, but keep in mind that most teaching pros say many golfers use shafts that are too stiff.

Top Three Best Putters in Golf

As we all know, golf putting is always the most important part of a complete game. And nowadays, there is never any lack of great golfers show big talent in golf putting. Golfers can practice putting on a putting green that simulates the green you will find on the golf course. Most golf courses have putting greens, and players are advised to practice before a round of golf to get a feel for the greens.

Today, let’s take a look at the top 3 golf putters who all have ever had excellent performance in putting. Before this, firstly, we need to know that putting is a golf stroke used with a club(a puuter) called a putter when you are on or just off the green. On greens, golfers can use several different wholesale golf clubs to finish the game, such as the driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons or even wedges.

The top 1 putter I want to pick out is Michael Bonallack. As a lifelong amateur he was never tested against the very best pros but many of those who witnessed him in action agreed that he was peerless. Like so many masters of the green, he stayed faithful to one Newport 2 Putter 2014 and had an idiosyncratic style that was all his own.

The top 2 putter should be Bobby Locke, whoes golf game was also out-of-the-ordinary, and involved sending every shot at least 40-yards right of target and hooking it back it into play of a ping g25 driver. But it was on the greens where he broke people’s hearts and he always maintained that any round of golf involving more than 28 putts was a bad one.

When it comes to Bobby, I want to talk more. If you know him, you must know that he won four Opens and when he went to America they laughed, until he won six times in a short space of time with such dominance in callaway x hot irons that the ever-insular US Tour changed its rules so that he couldn’t go back.

Finally, the last but still top 3 putter should award to Bob Charles. He is the first left-hander and New Zealander to win the Open. So good and consistent did his putting stroke remain that he won 23 times on the US Senior Tour, at an age when many others are fighting the yips, and he has 70 professional wins in total.

However, I never mean there are only above three great golf putters in world. They are just the most top golfers I want to specify out. And everyone can be next one of them. There is still a long but hard way in front of you if you want to be a great golfer.

Titleist Introduces New Line of Scotty Cameron 2 Putter

Scotty Cameron has gained overwhelming success by crafting and refining this classic design primarily under the Newport model name.

The 7-model Studio Stainless collection is the newest generation to be developed in the state-of-the-art Cameron Putter Studio, and consists of a variety of iterations in the Newport mold. Milled entirely from 303-stainless steel, the Studio Stainless line features a distinct sound and feel.

The putters utilize a variety of hosel positions, slightly wider soles for a confidence-inspiring setup, and sole draft angles to ensure the putter never sits closed when placed in the playing position. The satin Studio Stainless finish features a soft beaded mist on the topline and back flange to eliminate glare.

The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter Stainless was literally born on Tour, first made from German stainless steel strictly for the best player in the world. The success, winning reputation and popularity of the putter carried over into the Cameron production line. The Newport 2 has a flat front neck that is in line with the topline making for a cleaner look at the ball. The one-quarter toe hang gives the putter ideal balance and optimal toe flow. There is a single sightline for alignment.

The Newport 2 golf shop online is available stock in 33”/350g, 34”/340g, 35”/330g configurations. It also features custom lie and grip options. A 36-inch model can also be ordered through Titleist Custom.

TaylorMade JetSpeed driver and JetSpeed Fairway Wood Review

Taylormade is very good at coming up with catchy names for their cheap golf clubs families. What does JetSpeed promise? All the JetSpeed woods – driver, fairway woods and hybrids – are aerodynamically designed and have light overall weights, to help the golfer gain more clubhead speed.

The Taylormade JetSpeed driver is TaylorMade’s first to incorporate a speed pocket behind the face, helping the face flex more and rebound with more “oomph” as a boost to ball speed. According to TaylorMade, the speed pocket promotes less spin, and has a strong effect on ball speed for shots struck below the middle of the face. Given that’s where most shots are struck by recreational golfers, that’s a good thing.

The crown is matte black and the clubface is silver. The driver includes the company’s Loft-Sleeve technology, and golfers will be able to adjust the stated loft up or down by as much as 1.5 degrees. And the low-forward center of gravity position helps reduce spin, especially on higher lofts.

The TaylorMade JetSpeed fairway wood has the low-and-forward center of gravity positions, plus the overall lightweight design to help reduce spin in the first case, and increase swing speed in the second. It has a smaller speed pocket that’s been redesigned to take up less weight, while having a polymer filling to prevent a buildup inside the pocket of turf debris.

The clubheads of fairway wood is low-profile, helping golfers get the ball up in the air efficiently off the fairway. The design favors a high trajectory with a long carry. The stock shaft in the JetSpeed fairway woods is the Matrix Velox T 69 shaft. JetSpeed fairway woods come in 3-wood (15 degrees of loft), 3HL (17 degrees), 5-wood (19 degrees), 5HL (21 degrees) and 7-wood (23 degrees).

Which one do you prefer, TaylorMade SLDR Irons or R11 irons?

TaylorMade now makes available the R11 irons and SLDR Irons. Let’s take a brief look at some new golf clubs for sale heading to pro shops:

The Taylormade R11 irons for sale incorporate the “precision weighting port” TaylorMade first used in its forged irons, the red “badge” visible in the photo above. This weight, positioned during assembly, is used to maintain a uniform swingweight as well as to position the center of gravity in the center of the face from toe to heel on each iron.

The soles of the R11 irons change a bit through the set, with the long irons using wider soles to lower the CG and increase the MOI; the mid- and short irons have soles that TaylorMade calls “moderately thin.” The long irons also differ in being larger, although the toplines aren’t as thick as in many oversized irons. The shorter irons are more compact with “moderately sharp” leading edges.

Also new in the SLDR family from TaylorMade is Taylormade sldr irons. TaylorMade says the target audience for the SLDR irons are golfers who want a classic clubhead shape, size and finish, but with more distance.

The technology increases launch angle, the company says, with a higher ball flight, longer carry, and steep descent. A polymer that fills the Speed Pocket, combined with a vibration-absorbing badge in the cavityback, help with sound and feel. The SLDR irons have narrow soles and thin toplines.

Shaft options are the KBS Tour C-Taper 90 steel shaft and Fujikura graphite. The stock grip is Golf Pride Tour Velvet.

Searching for these Original Top 4 Utility Clubs

A newer segment of the golf club market is utility clubs, also known as hybrids, iron-woods and wood-irons. These clubs are designed to take the place of long irons. The goal is to make an easier-to-hit club that gets the golf ball airborne so the ball lands soft and stops.

1. super stroke grips
This Super Stroke Grip can be used on all golf putters such as scotty cameron, odyssey putters, taylormade putters and etc. I put it on my putter and have had a chance to putt with it on the practice green as well as test drive it for 9 holes. In other words, the flat portion of the grip can be normal, turned out and turned back. The best feel I got was facing out with the flat side facing front.

2. Scotty Cameron tools
This listing is for a brand new weight removal wrench for Titleist Scotty Cameron putters. The original weights on your putter will probably have glue on the weight threads and inside, so if the original weights have never been removed before, it may be difficult to remove at first. To avoid breaking your wrench, you should heat the weight first, then it will be easier to twist and remove the original weights.

3. XXIO 8 Driver
The XXIO8 Driver’s club face periphery is thinner and there is more weight towards the heel, resulting in a 10% bigger sweetspot. Along with a new club face design and finish, the XXIO8 has new improved sound ribs making the driver sound even better than ever before. This new design (patent pending) reduces the club’s MOI which enables the golfer to swing easier.

4. Callaway Lady Solaire Complete Set
The Callaway Lady Solaire Complete Set is an all-in-one complete set of clubs with outstanding performance and forgiveness engineered specifically for women golfers. Callaway looked at every aspect of a club’s design to find where forgiveness and performance came from. That’s why the Lady Solaire Gems feature longer and more-forgiving irons; high-launching, easy-to-hit fairway woods; and a driver that delivers longer, straighter drives more often.

So if you are more of a high spin guy with lots of speed and hit them in the sweet spot consistently you may like it, if you like the stock shaft.